who am i?

I am an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker of Midwestern origins.  My time-based work ranges in mode, incorporating impressionistic documentary, hybrid-narrative strategies and elements of collage cinema. Thematically, my work aims to explore issues of commodity attachment, phenomenological transformation as well as interrogate the aesthetic marriage between commercial and fine arts histories.

artist statement

It starts with the rhythmic whirring of the drum, the intoxicating, almost nauseating scent of toner and the warm sensation that is freshly Xeroxed multipurpose paper in hand. Over the past several years I’ve spent countless hours composing animated photomontages with the use of a Xerox machine. Inside public and academic libraries, office buildings, and self-service copy centers are where my films begin to take shape.

The Xeroxed image, whether photorealistic or abstracted, is just one element of my image making process. My filmmaking practice incorporates a range of documentary, narrative and experimental modes of storytelling in conjunction with various visual arts mediums; including painting, illustration and collage. The end results are time-based works that are hybrids of various representational strategies.

The creative process of filmmaking serves as an opportunity for me to engage with problematic pictorial, and cinematic legacies. Thematically, recent works have focused on isolation, phenomenological transformation, and ritualized repetitive social behavior. Although seemingly disparate, these works share a critical awareness of our culture’s historical and contemporary obsession with mediated imagery.

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