2010 - 2015

It starts with the rhythmic whirring of the drum, the intoxicating, almost nauseating scent of toner and the warm sensation that is freshly Xeroxed multipurpose paper in hand. Xerographia is a body of work generated over 5 years, comprised of countless hours spent composing animated photomontages with the use of a Xerox machine. Inside public and academic libraries, office buildings, and self-service copy centers are where these films begin to take shape.

Love Me Not (2015)
Ciné-roman animation. Commissioned.
Total runtime 2:25

Saxony (2013)
Reconstituted from fragments of Mid-Century commercial and ephemeral media, Saxony is an experimental collage-animation that reimagines the class and gender tropes found within the narratives of psychological melodramas.  Constructed as a flashback, the film follows an anonymous female protagonist as she slips into a state of unconsciousness…

Total runtime 2:35

Blackout (2013)
Rhythmic loop animation.
Total runtime 1:05

There Go My Preteen Years (2011)
Hand crafted and filmed over a period of one and a half years, with content spanning over twenty-years, There Go My Preteen Years explores themes central to the (de)construction of the Myth of the American family and nostalgia for 90s (shopping) mall culture, as witnessed by the memories of an urban apartment dweller.

Total runtime 7:27

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